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Simple real-time SEO and website analytics.

We remove the hassle and headache from small-business website analytics. We setup, build and integrate everything for you!
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Smpley provides small-business and agency website, seo, social, podcast and digital analytics in an all-in-one dashboard. Smpley's offices are located in Dallas, Houston and Lufkin, Texas.
100% your branding

white label Dashboards

Add additional value, and retain more clients by offering 100% branded dashboards to clients


Made for SMB's

A simple dashboard that doesn't require you to build, learn code or deal with any integrations.

Everything in one-place

Website analytics, sales, marketing, e-commerce, social, SEO... monitor everything!

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What is Smpley?

A clean, clutter-free business analytics dashboard for small-businesses, freelancers, agencies and their clients.

What data is available

We offer everything from real-time Google Analytics and page speed to social media, SEO, PPC, Google Ads, search, keywords and spreadsheet data.

Do I need to be technical?

Not at all. Our end-to-end solution delivers data for you, without requiring you to build out an engineering team. We'll handle everything, so you don't have to.

Can I add additional data?

Of course! Have daily weekly or monthly reports added directly to your dashboard. Our end-to-end solution delivers any data that your business needs, without requiring you to build, learn code or deal with integrations.

White-label dashboards

Custom white-labeled dashboards is one of our best features. Display client analytics (unique to each of your customers) through a custom dashboard w/ your name, branding, logo and domain (URL).